garrett | 15 | st. paul

his eyes are the same dull gray as his personality
'which one' you say! I wonder where else I can find these glorious posts so I can have more LOL! Thank you for being a guiding light in this time period where racism isn't a problem!

i meant which post was racist? i can’t very well improvemyself if you don’t tell me what i’m doing wrong.

hello! thank you for the racist post! it made me LOL! you truly are a great addition to society congratulations!

Racist post? Which one? I haven’t been online in awhile. I think that instead of being sarcastic and condescending you should explain to me why the post was racist so I can try to improve myself. Malice gets you nowhere.



hey guys i’m gonna be on hiatus for a bit because i way overbooked myself at school this year but i’ll be back, i promise. i will still be on twitter, though, @fuqly. ily guys!


can’t wait to stick my dick into another pumpkin this year